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The Instituto Asiático Peninsular is an institution that promotes and foster economic and cultural exchange between Asia and the Yucatan Peninsula. The languages taught at the institute include Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English and Russian.


The Institute contact us to expand their digital processes. After some sessions, an action plan was put together that included the digital graphic line and several of their processes migration to the cloud.


  • Web UI/UX
  • Web development


Custom web system

When not finding an option on the market that would meet their needs, a tailored system was developed that included: student and teacher registration, class monitoring, classroom control, tuition payment, among others.

IAP Intranet Custom web system

Responsive website

The webiste will be accesed from mobile phones so it was designed mobile-first like all our projects, the design had to be simple and intuitive as well as fast-loading, so we focused on the loading speed and applied some standard optimization rules.

IAP Intranet Responsive website


The system was created to be able to send alerts for some events such as student birthdays, payment dates, attendance, etc...

IAP Intranet Notifications


Merida, Yucatan

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